01 DECEMBER 2017
We started including the Page Title in brackets after the Page URL in Site Section Drill Down.
This is done due to some pages having multiple titles in GA and appearing multiple times in the Report prompting some users to think the Report has erroneous data.
If you see the same URL in Site Section Drill Down, view the Page Titles in brackets after the URL for more info. You may have to extend the column to view them.

30 NOVEMBER 2017
We made improvements geared towards the smaller sites. First now there can be a Site Section that consists of only one Page, so smaller 5-10 page sites (like this one)
can get usefull data from the "Site Sections" and "Site Section Drill-Down" parts of the Report.
Secondly we fixed a bug that broke the Top 15 Site Sections chart if there was only one Traffic Source Country. Cheers.

30 NOVEMBER 2017
We just added comma separation for the Reportifier reports for more readability when the numbers get big.

21 NOVEMBER 2017
We made improvements to the Site Section Drill Down part of the Report - now there shouldn't be any sites appearing in the wrong section.
Also we've been working on performance improvements for the Report generation specifically when a lot of data is processed.
The worst case scenarios with huge amounts of data and some bad Google Analytics customizations are now taking around 5 minutes to complete.
An average Report should be generated in around 20-30 seconds.

21 NOVEMBER 2017
A new Section was added to the Reportifier Report - Traffic Sources Details. It displays the Top 10 Traffic Sources for your Site rated by Page Views brought.
Moreover it shows the Average Session Time (in minutes) of the Users for each Traffic Source and the number of Users coming from each Traffic Source
Comparing the number of Page Views with the number of Users can show which traffic sources are bringing new users and which are used by established users to access the site.
The closer these two numbers are together the more likely it is that this traffic source is bringing new users to your site.
Session duration on the other hand can determine the quality of the Traffic Source. Higher time spans means more engagement

17 NOVEMBER 2017
We improved the logic determining the site URL structure of a site. This will greatly benefit the "Top 15 Site Sections" and "Site Section Drill-down" parts of the reports.
Due to the amount of customization that can be done in Google Analytics, correctly determining the URL structure for any site is proving to be a challenge.
If you were unhappy with the way Reportifier determined your site structure, we urge you to rerun your Reports

11 NOVEMBER 2017
We investigate an issue where random REST requests to the Google Analytics Reporting API get a "Forbidden" Error. In such cases no report is generated.
If you experienced the behaviour we are sorry. We will update as soon as we figure out the reason.

02 NOVEMBER 2017
We believe that the issue reported in the previous post is fixed. It was again the "Country Distribution" Chart.
It seems that some of the Reports have over 150 Visiting Countries.
Although in a previous bug fix we fixed erroneous Chart range addressing in the same chart, this time it seems that the sheer amount of values corrupts it.
The countries displayed in the Chart are limited to 20 now. The info for all countries is still available in the Flat View worksheet at row 150.

02 NOVEMBER 2017
We are looking into a new bug causing the reports to become corrupt. If you are experiencing corrupted reports - we are working on it.

26 OCTOBER 2017
We have a twitter account now. Follow us here.
Also in case you missed it our Facebook is here

24 OCTOBER 2017
Just fixed a major bug causing the Excel Report to corrupt if the Visitor Countries for the site were above 130. This one took a while to pinpoint.
If you experienced corrupted reports with some sites before, try again now.
This is as good a time as any to encourage you all to give us feedback. It helps a ton. Thank you.

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